About Us

We've come a long way since we first came together as a group. We were a Shed without a workshop for a long time but we were determined to make this work for our community.

We eventually found our premises in part of a former print works in the town and have worked hard to make it a great facility for our members. The start-up would not have been possible in these premises without the Halesworth Volunteer Centre, whose continued support is most appreciated by all our members.

We forged relationships with other groups, companies and individuals who donated funds, equipment, tools and all sorts of resources that enabled us to get going. Without their help we would not have been able to achieve what we have.

A shed provides somewhere for men to come together and work, socialise and feel part of something much bigger. Some of our members are retired and find the Shed a real focus for energy they still have! Others have recently moved to the area or are bereaved and find their social circle much more limited than before. They have made friends and have become part of an important community project.

Whatever their reason for joining our members enjoy coming together and working. You'll see evidence of our work around Halesworth. We've made planters and are working on renovation projects around the town as well.

Click here to go to our old website which includes some photos and testimonials from some of our members.

If what we do interests you then do get in touch. A warm welcome awaits!

We are a member of the UK Men's Shed Association We are a project of the Halesworth Volunteer Centre